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Our story started in 1998 with the most extreme implementation the retail industry has ever seen: requirements so staggering that they knocked out literally every other company on earth...

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...but we had the advantage of architecting with these challenges in mind

Our team delivered the first truly global POS system.  Today, the system we developed and deployed runs nearly 30,000 McDonald's locations in 95+ countries:

  • A single platform with regionally developed extensions
  • Multi: currency, language, character, tax, gov’t regulation
  • Operated “every and any” possible service and operations model
  • Implemented and maintained with a groundbreaking global support process

There were mistakes made and lessons learned:

  • Monolithic architecture
  • Specific programming language dependency
  • Deployment challenges
  • Technology “turf wars”
  • High cost dependencies on third party components

Global experience and capabilities became our calling card

...So we scrapped it all and started over with a bolder and longer view

Welcome to MW:APP